Always searching. Focused. Efficient.

We focus on clearly defined market segments. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, rather we take inspiration from international best practice.

Forward-looking. Open.

We closely observe developments throughout the world to identify big changes at the earliest stage possible. These changes we see as opportunities.

Excellence-driven. Eager.

We are proud of this fact we perform at the highest levels. The ability to implement new concepts with speed is key: it’s not always the best who wins, but the quickest.

Consistent. Hands-on.

An entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to take action quickly are what have made Russmedia, a family company with a 100 year history, a success.

Thousands of euros donated


In 2020 €713,000 was collected for needy families and individuals in Vorarlberg.

Dr. Toni Russ Prize

Socially engaged

The annual Dr. Toni Russ Prize is awarded to individuals who have made exceptional and commendable contributions to the common good. This year it was awarded for the 50th time.

CO2 emission tonnes saved each year

Emmissions saved

The installation of a heat pump means all the heating needs of the office building and parts of the printer facility are covered.

Social responsibility

People always take centre at Russmedia. Already for many years the company cares for people in need of help through a range of social commitments.

Environment and Sustainability

At Russmedia focussing on the future means focussing on sustainability. The efficient use of resources is an important topic for us that has helped shape our company.