Riedmann Europa-Präsident der INMA

VN-Chefredakteur Gerold Riedmann ist gestern Abend in Amsterdam zum neuen Europa-Präsidenten des Medienverbandes INMA (International News Media Association) gewählt worden. Die INMA mit Sitz in Dallas, Texas, ist ein globales Netzwerk mit mehr als 700 marktführenden Nachrichtenmedien aus 68 Ländern.
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Russmedia International: Michael Tillian and Eugen B. Russ form new executive management

Michael Tillian and Eugen B. Russ will form the new executive management of Russmedia International from October 2018 onwards. Michael Tillian remains spokesman for the company and will focus on acquisitions and finances. Eugen B. Russ will primarily focus on the development of the holding companies and the sector technology & innovation. Hence, Eugen A. Russ leaves the operational management of Russmedia International and returns back to the Russmedia Holding. Eugen B. Russ will also join the Russmedia Holding management as strategic advisor. The executive management will be formed by…
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Russmedia invests 100 million in digital growth

Russmedia will focus even more on its international digital strategy and will allocate 100 million Euro for digital investments in Europe in the upcoming five years. Eugen A. Russ, Russmedia’s CEO: “Our team has a remarkable digital focus. With the new initiatives, we will be able to capture even more digital DNA.” New digital holding with offices in Vienna and Berlin Russmedia’s international digital business will be bundled in a new digital holding company with offices in Vienna and Berlin. In addition to Eugen A. Russ and Josef…
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