NEUE am Sonntag

The “NEUE am Sonntag” is a Sunday newspaper for Vorarlberg and offers pure reading enjoyment on the best day of the week. The NEUE am Sonntag is an independent brand that addresses the local market. During the week people want news quickly in a compact format, but on Sunday, when they have more time to relax, they have the time to indulge themselves.

In addition to the breaking weekend news and well-researched background stories from Vorarlberg, the newspaper features numerous special-focus topics such as health, travel, business, multimedia and living. Our readers demand a high-quality newspaper with magazine characteristics. An independent editorial board was established for the Sunday edition, in order that this goal is continously met. The NEUE am Sonntag sells more newspapers at newsstands than any other newspaper in Vorarlberg, making it the clear winner for Sundays.

NEUE am Sonntag
Sebastian Rauch, Chefredakteur
Gutenbergstraße 1, A-6858 Schwarzach
Tel: +43 (5572) 501-864