Vorarlberg LIVE

Vorarlberg LIVE is a new news video format with competent guests from Austria and deals with current topics of the day and illuminates backgrounds.

The live broadcast focuses on current topics that concern Vorarlberg. From Monday to Friday, new interview partners answer questions on various hot topics every day at 5 pm. Each edition features exciting guests, whether representatives from business, culture, society, sports and politics or technical experts. We either invite the guests to join us in the media house or connect you live via video conference. Vorarlberg Live is a collaboration between the news portals VOL.AT, VN.at, VOL.AT TV and the regional TV station Ländle TV.

With the new live broadcast format, we also want to position ourselves in the field of video reporting and as a competitor to local TV. Additionally we are using the already impressive reach of the online news portal VOL.AT as well as VN.at and the regional TV station Ländle TV.

Within just one day, the new concept was implemented in November 2020. For this purpose, we use on the one hand our live studio, which was mainly used for streaming events during the Corona crisis. In addition, we bundle competencies from different areas of the Russmedia media house: Through the cooperation of VOL.AT (online), Vorarlberger Nachrichten (print) and Ländle TV (television). In this way, we produce daily news, tailored to the Vorarlberg region and the interests of our users.

A regular guest, for example, is Governor Markus Wallner, who talks about current events in the state of Vorarlberg. Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has also been a guest on the show. We have also talked to him about current topics, specifically broken down to the Vorarlberg region. This gives the show great importance for local news reporting.

An overview of all live broadcasts is available in the VOL.AT media library: