“WANN & WO questions, investigates and peers into every nook and cranny” explains Mario Oberhauser. Keeping people at the centre of the story is key to the newspaper’s continuing success.

WANN & WO is a trend setter when it comes to where to hang out, music, movies, fashion, lifestyle, sports, multimedia, jobs and much more. WANN & WO also leads the way when it comes to events: each year either a talent show or the Mister Vorarlberg competition is held at the night club Conrad Sohm.

This youth-focused newspaper also demonstrates great social engagement and, through its organization “W&W hilft”, it has helped many children and families. Solidarity with the poorest children and young people is a top focus; together with the Vorarlberg Red Cross and Caritas Vorarlberg, WANN & WO helps AIDS orphans as well as intellectually disabled and children with disfigurements through surgeries. It also helps organize various support projects and educational programs.


Tina Bastiani

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