Environment and Sustainability

At Russmedia, focussing on the future means focussing on sustainability. The efficient use of resources is an important topic for us that has helped shape our company.

Photovoltaic construcion.

In 2012, Russmedia invested into photovoltaics at the headquarter in Schwarzach. On the roofs of both, the printing plant and office building, a large photovoltaic construction has been built. With this invention, Russmedia supports the idea of sustainable and renewable energy.

Austrian ecolabel.
Environmentally friendly production is highly important to Russmedia. The printing plant in Schwarzach has been awarded with the Austrian ecolabel. This label certifies, that the company only uses environmentally friendly materials in the printing processes. The company uses only recycled paper and does not contaminate wastewater.

Collection of old newspapers.
In 1992, the company launched its voluntary initiative “old paper – new paper”. According to the costs-by-cause principle, used newspapers are collected and recycled through a network of approximately 300 collection points. Thus, somewhere in the region of 1,500 tonnes of used paper is collected each year.

Sustainable transport.

With regards to daily mobility and employees’ commuting needs, Russmedia has introduced environmentally friendly solutions: encouragement of employee car pools, as well as provision of fares for public transport

Innovative energy concept.

Innovative energy concept – by using a mix of industrial waste heat from the printing machines, geothermal energy and a clever ventilation system, a new energy concept for the headquarters in Schwarzach has been established. It allows for low energy use, a significantly reduced carbon footprint and improved indoor temperature.

Thousands of euros donated


In 2015 €130.000 was collected for needy families and individuals in Vorarlberg during the "Ma hilft" VN gala.

Dr. Toni Russ Prize

Socially engaged

The annual Dr. Toni Russ Prize is awarded to individuals who have made exceptional and commendable contributions to the common good. This year it was awarded for the 46th time.

CO2 emission tons saved each year


With the installation of a heat pump all the heating needs of the office building and parts of the printer facility are covered.