Eugen B. Russ takes over as Single Managing Director of the Russmedia Digital Holding

Eugen B. Russ takes over as Single Managing Director of Russmedia Digital Holding

Eugen B. Russ takes over the agendas of Dr. Ing. Michael Tillian, who moves from Russmedia Digital Holding to the Media Union Group. Tillian is appointed as the new managing director of CVD Mediengruppe, one of the largest media companies in East Germany.

Since the 1st of October 2018 the management Duo Russ and Tillian set up the Russmedia Digital Holding for a successful future. With their market know-how and network strength the Duo established a strong digital market portfolio which led to the attention of the biggest players in the German area media business.

Nonetheless, with Eugen B. Russ, a former Boston Consulting Group consultant who formed Erento as CEO to Europe’s largest rental marketplace, Russmedia Digital Holding has a top-class follower to the agendas of Tillian.

Since 2017, Tillian’s agenda was the development and management of Russmedia Digital Holding as Managing Director. Together with Russ and the Russmedia team, he has implemented the pooling of all international digital activities of the Russmedia Group in a holding company.
A successful acquisition and management team was set up in Liechtenstein, Vienna and Berlin.

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The portfolio currently consists of 21 investments in digital companies in six countries. Financing, acquisitions or participation agreements were successfully negotiated and implemented.

“Today Russmedia Digital Holding has a professional, powerful team and hold numerous investments in successful digital companies in Germany and abroad. Michael Tillian has made a very significant contribution. I regret his change, but I understand and support his move to a very well-known German media group, and most importantly: we will stay friendly connected,” so Eugen A. Russ.