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Strong People. Strong Media.


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Russmedia is the most progressive media company in Europe. That’s why we provide a modern, state-of-the-art atmosphere to work in; every employee is encouraged to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and take responsibility for business outcomes. A high level of commitment to achieving goals is a central aspect of the daily work at Russmedia.


Strong People. Strong Media.
Changes always bring great opportunities. The advance of the digital age is reflected in nearly every aspect of daily life and we aren’t afraid to question traditional methods and reinvent ourselves. Flexibility and an ability to adapt to new conditions are essential for employees at Russmedia.

We have high expectations: We think and work as entrepreneurs. We’re never satisfied with the status quo, but rather continually seek out new solutions and ways to improve. We’re effient. We’re looking for people with know-how and leadership potential.

Performance is what matters.
As a result of our flat hierarchy, our employees acquire responsibility very soon in their careers–something that both encourages and demands an independent way of working. Leadership positions are filled internally whenever possible, which makes even entry-level positions attractive as a way to get ahead. The young employees of today are the leaders of tomorrow and they are prepared for these roles by means of the multifaceted development program provided by the Russmedia Academy.

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Leadership Principles

“As an employee and a leader, I regard everything from the customer’s persepective.“

Isabella Canaval, Moderator Antenne Vorarlberg

Leadership Principles

“As an employee and a leader, I motivate, develop and push employees and make myself redundant every day by delegating tasks and responsibilities.“

Mario Oberhauser, Head of W&W

Leadership Principles

“As an employee and a leader, I find best practice models, learn from the best in the world and develop simple, practical solutions.“

Katharina Nitschmann, Head of Marketing Russmedia Digital

Leadership Principles

“As an employee and a leader, I always strive to be the best in my target market.“

Patrick Fleisch, Key Account Sales

Strong People. Strong Media.

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