Wortimmo.lu: Russmedia Solutions provides Realestate SAAS Solution for Luxemburger Wort

vor 2 Jahren

Luxemburger Wort relaunched their real estate platform wortimmo.lu, backed by the know-how of Russmedia Solutions.

With only 3 months of duration, the project was specified and developed on the Russmedia Solutions SaaS platform. A team of 8 people – developers, testers, DevOps, and Project Managers – was working on the project to customize the solution to the needs of wortimmo.lu. The platform is operating in 4 languages and has over 8.500 active listings synchronized from different gateways almost in real-time.

The platform developed by the Tech team of Russmedia Solutions was used in the very beginning to support the online market places owned by the Russmedia Group. The platform is based on the latest trends in web technology and hosted in a secure cloud-based infrastructure.


Robert Hever, Directeur Commercial at Saint-Paul Luxembourg: “We see it as a huge benefit, that Russmedia has a lot of experience with the platform itself, as they are operating with the same solution in their markets. We were able to exchange with them from a common business perspective, e.g. when it comes to monetization. Besides the technical solution itself, this is very beneficial to us.”


Laura Juhasz, COO of Russmedia Tech: “Launching the portal within time was quite intense, but we are particularly happy about the positive exchange with the team of wortimmo.lu. Their specific needs allowed us to further develop our platform basis.”


About wortimmo.lu 

Wortimmo.lu is part of group Saint-Paul Luxembourg, which is operating Luxembourg’s largest newspaper, Luxemburger Wort, as well as magazines, radio stations, and online classified portals.

Saint-Paul Luxembourg is since May 2020 part of Mediahuis Group, being active in Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland.

The portal is dedicated of course to the Luxembourg market but also to the Greater region market, with the neighbouring countries Germany, France and Belgium.


About Russmedia Tech

Russmedia Tech, based in Oradea, Romania started as a software development team for Russmedia’s own online portal solutions, specialized in vertical portals for real estate, cars, and jobs. The solutions were built for the group’s market places in different domains, which built the basis for further developing those into a SaaS application. Russmedia Tech has a long track record of providing software to other publishing houses and companies in various countries over the world, and it is now part of Russmedia Digital GmbH in Austria.